Kith n Kin

Technology made easy. A new approach to how the elderly become participants of the digital era.


Client: AAL Programme, European Commission and BMVIT
Partners: Austrian Institute of Technology (AT), New Design University, Hochschule Luzern – iHomeLab, Soultank AG, terzStiftung, Yooom bv, CMO Flevoland
Services: Research, Concept, UI/UX, Hardware Development, Software Development

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In the modern world, often times it is hard for elderly people to follow the technological tide. In order to address this, we designed a device, that allows them to break the incomprehension barrier. It has haptic oriented features, that allow relating to certain usage cases.

To accomplish this big research project we are working with several partners and universities from Austria, Switzerland and The Netherlands. The research is funded by the European Commission and the BMVIT.

The digital board can be used with real games tokens and yet it is possible to play it remotely. Further, the device can be used to chat, video chat and share pictures, making it great tool for older people to connect and share experiences with their peers as well as their grandchildren