Move - Individual Gaming Station

Have fun discovering motion tracking – a huge multi touch display featuring Kinect control and 6 games and custom design


Gaming is fun, passes the time and encourages to try something new. A game defines a safe zone, where everything is allowed and no fatal mistakes can be made. Playing, we all become discoverers.

Does this really work?


Gaming and playing works great, is fun and very intuitive. The gaming station "sees" all people around and greets them. Even multiple people playing together is possible. It recognizes all persons and their respective body parts.
But even it its a great experience: working for hours like Tom Cruise did in Minority Report isn't possible. He had to take regular breaks. A quick self-experiment shows: holding up your hands is very tiring.

Wetouch provides a complete solution based on years of experience. Integrated into walls or standalone, it features your unique corporate design. The gaming station is schedule on time base and comes with remote support.

Games for all: Racing, Shopping, Spce Invaders, Pacman, Memory, Drawing. More games on request. During offline-times, its showing the current date and time.


Our Move Gaming Stations can be found in many places. Currently they are among others available at the City Center Wieselburg and at the GRZ IT Center. A mobile variant is also available for rent and testing at our Vienna office.