Hypebox it.

Just because the product is complex,
the presentation doesn't have to be.


Client: Recom, Safran, Harmonic Drive
Partners: MMT
Services: Consulting, Concept, UI/UX, Touch Application, Hardware Development, Technology-for-rent


We worked with multiple brands to help them showcase their complex technical products in a fun and engaging way, using Hypebox. Instead of exposing people to lectures, explanations and the reading of multiple brochures, we turn product presentations into a seamless experience.

What is Hypebox? People see the product
showcased in the box behind the transparent screen that can be programmed to display opaque layers of content. It allows creating of digital content that supports the physical product inside.

For every project, we created an individual software solution for the hypebox. The ultimate benefit of that software displayed on the hypebox device lays in a simplified and memorable presentation, which helps the sales process.